organisation and conference activities

Co-organiser: Sessions on “Remembering Troy in the Middle Ages,” International Medieval Congress 2018. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 2-5 Jul 2018. (forthcoming) [call for papers]

Principal organiser: Sessions in Honour of Ian N. Wood, International Medieval Congress 2015. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 8-9 Jul 2015. Seven sessions (thirty-four participants) focusing on the central themes of Professor Wood’s work on the occasion of his 65th birthday. [detailed programme]

Co-organiser (responsible for fundraising): Networks and Neighbours 3rd Annual Symposium. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 3–4 Jul 2015.

Principal Organiser (responsible for concept development, fundraising, organisation and communication): Medieval Studies in the Digital Age Seminar and Workshop Series. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, Nov 2014–May 2015: Eight seminars and five workshops on digital humanities and medieval studies.

Co-organiser (responsible for organisation and communication): Networks and Neighbours 2nd Annual Symposium. Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil, 3–4 Apr 2014.

Co-organiser: BCLA Postgraduate Receptions, British Comparative Literature Association, UK, Sep 2012 – Dec 2015. Co-organised six mini conferences held twice a year in autumn and spring at different institutions: University of London (Mar 2013), University College London (Oct 2013), University of Leeds (Mar 2014), University College London (Oct 2014), University of Oxford (Mar 2015), University College London (Oct 2015).

Co-organiser (responsible for fundraising and communication): Masterclass on the Chronicle of Fredegar Led by Professor Paul Fouracre (University of Manchester) and Dr Roger Collins (University of Edinburgh). University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 26–27 Feb 2013.

Co-organiser: Medieval Group Seminars. Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, Oct 2011–May 2015: Co-organised six meetings as well as an excursion to Knaresborough Castle during 2011-2012; seven meetings and a virtual modelling workshop during 2012-2013, six meetings in 2013-2014, six meetings and a field trip to Newark in 2014-2015 in addition to the Annual Medieval Research Afternoon and the New Year Party organised every year in late October and mid-December respectively.

Session chair: “Creating Communities and Others in and around the Frankish Kingdoms, c. 400-1000, III: Material Survivals.” International Medieval Congress 2017. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 4 Jul 2017.

Session Chair: Institute for Medieval Studies Work-in-Progress Seminars. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 26 Nov 2014.

Panel Chair: “Matters of Eloquence: Writing in the Early Middle Ages.” Networks and Neighbours 2nd Annual Symposium. Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil, 4 Apr 2014.

Session Chair: Tony Abramson, “The Glory between Defeat and Disaster – Northumbrain Coinage 685-867,” and Lucy Moore, “Early Career Numismatics: Leeds, Asthall, and Beyond.” Medieval Group Seminars. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 25 Nov 2013.

Seminar Chair: Sarah Brown, “Politics and Imagery in York Minster c.1400: The Case of a Lost Scrope Window.” Medieval Group Seminars. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 20 Feb 2012.